Centre Director

Helen Hopkins

My name is Helen Hopkins

I feel absolutely blessed to be here at Caboolture Christian Children’s Centre again. I had the pleasure of opening the centre in 2009 and after 3 years I went on to have our 2 beautiful girls who are attending the centre now also. I have since opened another service but was excited when the opportunity to return to the Centre here in Caboolture arose in 2017. I have been working in the childcare industry for 20 years now and am passionate about high quality care for all children. I also pride myself in the care and support that I give to the Educators on a daily basis. Each Educator puts so much love, time and care into ensuring that your children a caring and fun environment to learn and grow in. 

As a Director of this service I aim to ensure that we provide not only high quality care to children and families but also an environment that radiates God's love and has a welcoming, warm atmosphere which shows each child that they are special, accepted and to know they belong. I aim to ensure that our centre philosophy is evident in all we do. 

We welcome each and every family to share with us their child's developmental goals and acheivments along the way as we also share with you the aspirations and goals we have as a centre to support you.

Wherever your families needs are at our Team aim to support your family unit and provide the care that will ensure your children have the best start to life.


Many Blessings

Helen Hopkins