Hearty Health

Hearty Health have been providing fresh nutritious food to child care centres since the year 2000.

We understand child care centres are made up of a wonderful mix of culturally diverse children, and our menus are professionally crafted to reflect this. We also take care to include the dietary requirements recommended for children in long day care.

We pride ourselves in the fresh food we prepare for children in child care, which our qualified chefs create using only the best ingredients. Our guarantee to you includes:

  • Catering for allergens and dietary requirements while still delivering delicious meals designed for a child’s palate
  • Seasonal rotating menus designed by our chefs so that every day is different and yummy
  • Meals prepared, cooked and delivered to child care centres in less than 24 hours.
  • A reduced carbon footprint through the use of using sustainable packaging
  • https://heartyhealth.com.au/  Follow the link to find out more.

We will be starting with Hearty Health from the 27th May. If you have any queries about our food please don't hesitate to contact us.