Newsletter December 2015


Christmas Party & Kindergarten Graduation/Disco – Kindergarten children are asked to wear any kind of Christmas attire for our Christmas Party performance (hats, reindeer ears, Christmas coloured clothes and etc).


Please be advised that the Centre will be closing at 4pm on Friday, 4th December 2015. The Christmas Party will be at St Laurence’s Church on King Street, Caboolture starting from 5:30pm. The following Wednesday, 9th December will be our graduation/disco starting at 6pm at the same venue. Please RSVP at reception for catering purposes for both events.


Christmas shortbread


Nothing says Christmas quite like buttery shortbread. These crumbly biscuits are a simple sweet treat and make thoughtful festive gifts. For a less traditional version try pistachio and cranberry shortbread -just mix in cranberries and pistachios. Either version is sure to be a hit this Christmas!



200g butter, room temperature

90g caster sugar

270g plain flour

60g cornflour

1/2 tsp baking powder

1/4 tsp salt


Cream butter and sugar in a stand mixer (or hand-held electric mixer) until well combined.

Sift plain flour, corn flour and baking powder into butter mixture, add salt and beat on low speed until mixture comes together in a ball.

Transfer to a floured surface and knead lightly. Divide mixture in two and roll into sausages about 2.5-3cm in diameter. Cover with plastic wrap and refrigerate 30 minutes.

Preheat oven to 130°C and lightly butter baking trays.

Cut sausages into 1cm widths and place on trays. Sprinkle with extra caster sugar and bake for 1 hour.


This is a great recipe to make once the kids have gone to bed; the mixture can be prepared and left in the fridge overnight, then you can slice and bake the shortbread the next day.

Prick each shortbread with a fork (three times), sprinkle with caster sugar and finishes it with a quarter of a glace cherry.

Try Pistachio and cranberry shortbread - simply 1/2 cup of craisins (dried cranberries) and 1/2 cup pistachios to the mixture after the flour has been incorporated. Take a bit more care with slicing - the cut pistachios look great but may fall out, just stick them back in as you place the shortbread on the tray.


Good Luck!




From the Office - November

It’s being a busy year and it seems it’s just getting even busier.  I would like to take this time to say thank you to all our parents. Thank you for supporting us throughout the year, parent input is very much appreciated and encouraged.


Our Mothers Day morning tea was very successful with lots of mums coming along and joining in doing activities with the children. Some mums were brave enough to get their finger nails painted by their child and possibly a number of other children. Some mums filled in for other mums who couldn’t make it and spent some time having some one on one time. We finished it with a very delicious morning tea spread. Again thank you to those mums who joined in.


The children got to experience the “African Drums” where an African man came along and played lots of different drums. Each time explaining what they were used for, after he played them he asked for volunteers to come and have a turn of playing them. Knox was very proud as he brought his dad’s drums in to play. We had a few mums come and stay and they seemed to enjoy themselves too.


Ocean Life came to the centre and the children were able to see and feel the different sea creatures, there was a sea cucumber, a sea star (starfish), a shark, a sea urchin, and many more. They learnt about what they eat and how they live. They also learnt about the effects of the environment, and pollutions.


We were saddened by the news of our friend Charlie passing away. We had some grief counsellors come in and spend time with staff. We then had a special session where they came in and talked to the kindy children about their friend Charlie. They talked about his passing and then they focused on all the fun things they liked to do with Charlie. They drew special pictures of their favourite activity they did with Charlie. We then placed them inside a balloon and then we filled it with helium. We then went outside and sung Charlie’s favourite song when we finished we all let go of our balloons and yelled out Goodbye Charlie. It was sad and beautiful and we would like to thank Anglicare for their support throughout this time. Parents and educators joined together to put a collection together for Charlie’s family. We raised $350 in cash along with a $20 gift voucher and a food hamper. I would like to say thank you to everyone who made a contribution.


We’re in November now and Henny Penny arrived last week. The children have thoroughly loved watching the chicks hatch from their eggs. They have enjoyed being able to gently have a hold of the chicks. We had 20 eggs and all 20 eggs hatched, parents are able to adopt them and the end of the 2 weeks and before we were through with the first week all the chicks had homes. We were planning on keeping 2 for the centre but they were all taken. That means we will have to wait until the New Year and get ourselves some chicks. Christmas is approaching fast and it will be here before we know it.


We have our Christmas Concert on Friday which the children are looking forward to as they have been doing a lot of practicing. There will be farm animals, Elsa is coming to do face painting, Mel’s photo booth, where you can put some props on and take your own photos. There’ll be jumping castles, balloons, sausage sizzle, drinks and a disco.


I hear Santa is making an appearance too. The Kindy Graduation will be on Wednesday the 9th. We’ll have a sausage sizzle followed by a disco.

Thank you all and God Bless.