Welcome to the Juniors room!

Our Juniors Room caters for children between 2 to 3 year of age who are educated and cared for by experienced and qualified educators in a caring and nurturing Christian environment.

The children in the Juniors room are offered a program that is based on the Early Years Learning Framework and caters for the rapid developmental changes that occur in language and cognitive skills at this age. Each child is supported to develop at their own pace and is offered many varying play based experiences based on current interests. This enhances children’s learning and provides each child with a real sense of belonging and wellbeing. Our program includes a daily bible time where your child will begin to hear about God's love for us through songs, rhymes and bible stories.

We believe that a child’s most influential teacher is their family and/or care giver and as such relish the opportunity to build positive and nurturing relationships with each child’s family to ensure that every child’s needs and interests are being met on a daily basis.

The children enjoy time in both our indoor and outdoor environments; we are proud to boast an inviting grassy playground with an adventure garden, sandpit, swings, gazebo and a mud kitchen which the children love to “cook” in. We have a large, enclosed veranda which enables children to play outside regardless of the weather and at any time during the day.

Juniors are encouraged to further develop their independence as they master toilet training, take more responsibility for their belongings and learn to play co-operatively with others.

It is encouraged in the Juniors room to problem solve, think creatively and experiment in an encouraging and stimulating environment aimed at developing confidence and a lifelong love for learning.