Welcome to the Kindergarten Room!

Our Kindergarten room is a place where children love to come to spend the day with their friends and learn in a fun and engaging environment that belongs to them. 


Our Government approved Queensland Kindergarten Program caters for up to 22 children per day aged between 3 ½ to 5 years of age.  For children to be eligible for the Kindergarten Program, they must attend 15 hours per week.  If you have a Health Care Card there is additional funding available. The Kindergarten program is led by an experienced, Bachelor qualified early childhood teacher who is supported by a qualified co-educator in a caring and nurturing Christian environment.

The Kindergarten program is underpinned by the Queensland Kindergarten Learning Guidelines and is designed to prepare children for their entry into Prep and the years of formal schooling ahead of them.


Our Kindergaren space is ever changing in line with the children's interest and developmental needs.  We use a wide variety of natural and sustainable activities as well as state of the art equipment and resources.


The children really enjoy time in our outdoor environment; we are proud to boast a large grassy playground with a large sandpit, swings, gazebo and a mud kitchen which the children love to cook and create in. We have a large shady veranda which enables children to play outside regardless of the weather and at any time during the day and a seperate outdoor play space just for our Kindy children.

Our goals in Kindergarten are to:

  • To provide an intentional play based curriculum which highlights children's current knowledge and builds on their concepts of pre-school learning.
  • Have your child ready to be successful in Prep. We create experiences throughout the day to extend children's confidence, gross and fine motor, communications, social, independence and self-help skills.
  • To extend upon children's recognition of shapes and their knowledge of colours.
  • To expose children to and teach them the alphabet including the sounds each letter makes.
  • Mathematic concepts such as counting, time, sorting, problem solving, measurement and recognition of numbers are all explored throughout the year, usually on a daily basis. 
  • To work with you, the family as well as the broader community in raising and educating your child
  • To assist your child to live sustainably through educating about reusing, reducing and recycling in all areas throughout the room.


In preparation for school, we work with our local schools to co-ordinate our program to provide your child with best start for their schooling and so that our children are “school ready”

We are proud to have our Centre featured in the above Video link to promote Kindy. If you have any more questions about Kindy please contact us today!

Our Kindergarten room is the place to be!